About You

Are you fed up with feeling fatigued?

The tiredness, crankiness, and loneliness sometimes seem insurmountable. You want to be able to do fun activities with friends, your partner, your kids or your grandkids. You’re looking for someone who can help you rediscover that energy you once had. You want to feel resilient and optimistic about your future.

Do you want to be active but your body just doesn't cooperate?

Perhaps you overdo your weekend activities so that you’re in pain – again – on Monday morning. Perhaps you once had an injury that just will not heal. Perhaps you are just achy and sore all the time. You’re not looking for a massage (because curiously that seems to only make things worse) and you’re not looking for a chiropractor (those cracking sounds are a bit unnerving) but you are looking for someone who can help you move without pain and you are willing to let that person touch your body to do so.

Do you seek a whole body approach to wellness?

You’re leery of gimmicks. You don’t want to spend money on expensive supplements. You seek your “medicine” from your food and perhaps some herbs. You’d like to know that your options are grounded in science. But you’re also looking for someone to help you better nourish your soul.

Are you having trouble deciphering healthy fact from fiction?

You know that there must be another way to feel healthy, but you just cannot find your way through the murky options. There are so many herbs and supplements out there, it’s hard to figure out which one you should use. You have a few prescription drugs, so you are (justifiably) concerned about herb-drug interactions; perhaps you even want to explore weaning off those prescriptions. You’re looking for a guide on your journey, someone who can educate you, but not someone who is an authoritarian.

We might be a good fit for each other if:

  • You are a woman, suffering from “wonder woman syndrome”, struggling with fatigue, anxiety, chronic pain, and hormonal concerns. You are seeking energy to do the things you need to do. You’d be elated if you could also find the energy to do the things you want to do.
  • You are a burned out working mom, struggling with being tired all the time, sad for no reason, and holding onto extra baby weight (even though the baby is in school now). Your doctor has given you a clean bill of health but you know deep down that something is wrong and you’re seeking a natural alternative to drugs.
  • You are a mom with children, looking for an approach that works for the whole family, keeping in mind that the whole family often gets sick together. You are interested in keeping everyone fit and healthy, and want to adopt a diet to support the whole busy family.
  • You are exhausted because you are the link between multiple generations (your adult children, your grandchildren, and your own aging parents), and you are the care-giver. You need some support to more easily replenish yourself in your very important role.