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Your Wellness Journey.

Are you an exhausted woman who needs to find her mojo again? Are you ready to start feeling better?

Find out how

Your Journey Starts Here.

Experience increased energy and relief through holistic support that includes mind-supporting nutrition, personalized integrative bodywork, and brain-boosting movement.


Dig to the root of the problem

Along with a detailed discussion of your concerns, we use functional lab tests to understand hidden imbalances that are driving your symptoms. These tests eliminate guesswork and aid in creating a comprehensive wellness plan that is specific to you. Read More…


Plant seeds for new habits

Based on your unique set of symptoms and test results, we will craft a personalized treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and create new habits for lasting health. Read More…


Sustain health over the long-term

With new habits established and supported, ongoing maintenance may or may not be necessary. Your wellness journey is unique and we’ll work together to find a path and maintenance schedule that is best for you. Read More…

Are we compatible?

Are we compatible?

Using a truly holistic approach, I focus on the whole you and not just specific symptoms. I provide guidance and information; you bring openmindedness and a willingness to try something new.


Is this really for me?

Ask yourself, are you fed up with fatigue? Do you want to be active but your body just doesn’t cooperate? Do you seek a whole body approach to wellness? Are you having trouble deciphering healthy fact from fiction? If you’re answering yes and any of this describes you, then my wellness services may be able to help.


Why choose to work with me?

The perimenopause-menopause transition can be a roller coaster ride of symptoms for many women. Add in the stress of moving that so many of us have done recently, and we may need to file for hurricane aid because of the state of our bodies. There are times when I crash through my day, hoping just to survive until I fall into bed at night. Even as a naturopath, I was unprepared for the moving stress, irregular periods, the middle of the night hot flashes and the insomnia. I understand what you’re going through. I will teach you the tools to rebuild your energetic and resilient being.

Client Feedback

Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and is a great researcher. I eat extremely well , know a lot about herbs and homeopathy and other modalities - and yet she gave me several suggestions that made a difference in only one session. I look forward to working with Jennifer further.

Galina K. // Small Business Owner

You were able to help me with sciatic pain and mobility issues using body work techniques. You also suggested some herbs and supplements that helped with muscle pain, allergies and fatigue. I sought you out from pure desperation but came to trust you because 3 bodywork sessions helped me more than 2 years of chiropractic, surgery and medication.

Angela F. // Retired

Jennifer has been a wonderful help to me personally as a bodyworker. Her nutritional counseling and bodywork help me sustain my energy for my clients and family. She is also doing great work with one of my teens after a vehicle accident and a few sports injuries. I am very grateful to know my kid is in good hands. We see improvement after every session and she works so well with this age group.

Mellisa L. // Massage Therapist

Meeting with you was life changing. I mean, the weeks before coming to you I felt like I was going to die either from not being able to eat or from the severe pain. I’m still so grateful everyday!

Leah W. // Office Manager

Jennifer is fabulous! She is so knowledgeable and helpful. Loved my free 30 minute bodywork session! Will definitely go to her when I’m achy when I normally would have gone to my chiropractor.

Emily N. // Publisher