Are you a tired achy woman that needs to find your mojo again? Are you ready to start feeling better?

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Wellness Services

You don't have to live with chronic fatigue and pain!

Nutritional Guidance

We will review your current eating patterns and modify as necessary to enable you to reach your wellness goals.

Herbal Support

By incorporating them as strong but tasty tea, herbs can help you rebuild your resilience and energy.

Integrative Bodywork

Addressing problems with postural alignment enables freer movement, and we spend less energy on "being"; we can just go "do".

The Healing Process

Experience increased energy and relief through holistic support that includes nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, and integrative bodywork.

Digging to the root of the problem We begin by examining your stressors, your food, your sleep, your movement, and your relationships. During this digging process, we will uncover lifestyle habits that might be contributing to your health concerns.

Planting seeds for new habits The body can heal itself when given the proper support. Once we identify the habits that could be contributing to your health concerns, we establish new habits that work for your lifestyle.

Sustaining health over the long-term With new habits established and supported, ongoing maintenance may or may not be necessary. Your wellness journey is unique and we’ll work together to find a path and maintenance schedule that is best for you.

Experience gentle integrative bodywork

(it's like assisted yoga, on a table)

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Client Feedback

You were able to help me with sciatic pain and mobility issues using body work techniques. You also suggested some herbs and supplements that helped with muscle pain, allergies and fatigue. I sought you out from pure desperation but came to trust you because 3 bodywork sessions helped me more than 2 years of chiropractic, surgery and medication.
Angela F.
Jennifer has been a wonderful help to me personally as a bodyworker. Her nutritional counseling and bodywork help me sustain my energy for my clients and family. She is also doing great work with one of my teens after a vehicle accident and a few sports injuries. I am very grateful to know my kid is in good hands. We see improvement after every session and she works so well with this age group.
Mellisa L.
Massage Therapist
Meeting with you was life changing. I mean, the weeks before coming to you I felt like I was going to die either from not being able to eat or from the severe pain. I'm still so grateful everyday!
Leah W.
Office Manager

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Your first consult includes a free 30 minute session. Future sessions are typically an hour and follow my fee schedule.

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