Embrace Wellness: Thrive Through Life’s Transitions

Embark on a Journey of Discovery and Empowerment

Dive into a tailored experience that combines nutrition, personalized bodywork, and movement strategies, all crafted to rejuvenate your core essence.  Journey towards profound well-being, designed to empower you as you gracefully navigate through life’s transitions.  This path not only fosters your strength and resilience but also deepens your capacity to care for yourself and those around you, ensuring a life lived with vitality and purpose.

Dig Deep to Uncover the Root Cause

We begin your journey by uncovering hidden imbalances through detailed discussions and cutting-edge diagnostics, setting the stage for a personalized wellness plan tailored exclusively for you.

Plant the Seeds of Transformation

We tailor a plan based on your symptoms and lab results, sowing seeds for healthier habits and nurturing growth for long-term wellness, cultivating a lifestyle blooming with vitality.

Sustain Your Journey to Lasting Wellness

We ensure the progress you’ve made becomes a lasting part of your wellness journey. With continuous support and tailored adjustments, we help you navigate life’s changes, keeping you on a path of enduring health and vitality.

Meet Dr. Jennifer Steinbachs,

Your Chief Health Strategist

Facing life’s health challenges can seem daunting, but you’re not journeying alone. My own path through various health experiences has not only shaped my approach to naturopathic care but also enriched my ability to empathize and connect with others facing similar journeys. What distinguishes my practice?

Real Understanding: Having navigated my own health challenges, I bring a blend of professional expertise and genuine empathy to support a broad spectrum of health and wellness concerns.

Empowering Strategies: I provide tools and methods uniquely tailored to enhance your resilience and vitality, supporting you steadfastly through each of life’s health transitions.

Comprehensive Support: Focused on offering holistic care, I guide you through balancing hormones, managing stress, and more, ensuring your well-being is nurtured for enduring health.

Join me in embracing wellness at every stage of life, moving forward with confidence and well-being as we navigate your unique health journey together.

Begin Your Wellness Journey in Three Simple Steps

Schedule Your Consultation

Schedule your first appointment with ease using our online booking system.


Enjoy a Complimentary 30-Minute Consult

Your initial consult is a free 30-minute session to explore the best Wellness Plan tailored to your needs.

Embark on Your Plan

Select your Wellness Plan during our consult, and we’ll arrange all necessary follow-ups to start your journey to well-being.

Client Feedback

“I went to see Dr. Steinbachs for chronic hip and hand pain. In addition, my balance had become a problem over the years. A few brain-based fitness drills were introduced to me during a private session. I was able to see positive results right away. This encouraged me to join the 3 pillars of performance course she offered. The course focuses on the concept of “Move Well, Balance Well, and See Well”. The drills are safe but challenging and can be done by most fitness levels. Since completing the course, my hip and hand pains have significantly decreased; instead of daily pain I now only manage flares up. With this knowledge, I can assess my body and do drills that will help me fix my current issue. In addition, my balance has improved so much that I’m now looking forward to old and new activities in the future. This is the only “fitness” training I have tried that I continue to practice in some part every day. I highly recommend Dr. Steinbachs and this course if you would like a jump start on your mobility.”

Wendy R.

"Dr. Steinbachs is extremely knowledgeable and is a great researcher. I eat extremely well, know a lot about herbs and homeopathy and other modalities - and yet she gave me several suggestions that made a difference in only one session. I look forward to working with her further."

Galina K. // Small Business Owner

"Dr. Steinbachs was able to help me with sciatic pain and mobility issues using body work techniques. She also suggested some herbs and supplements that helped with muscle pain, allergies and fatigue. I sought her out from pure desperation but came to trust her because 3 bodywork sessions helped me more than 2 years of chiropractic, surgery and medication."

Angela F. // Retired

" Dr. Steinbachs has been a wonderful help to me personally as a bodyworker. Her nutritional counseling and bodywork help me sustain my energy for my clients and family. She is also doing great work with one of my teens after a vehicle accident and a few sports injuries. I am very grateful to know my kid is in good hands. We see improvement after every session and she works so well with this age group."

Mellisa L. // Massage Therapist

"Meeting Dr. Steinbachs was life changing. I mean, the weeks before coming to her I felt like I was going to die either from not being able to eat or from the severe pain. I’m still so grateful everyday!"

Leah W. // Office Manager

"The perimenopause empowerment course was an excellent investment of my time and money. Dr. Steinbachs knows what she speaks of and is a wealth of information and education. I felt comfortable and engaged throughout all of the classes, and was almost bummed out when the course ended because our small group had bonded somewhat. I highly recommend her services for any woman in the over-40 group who is looking for help, support, or information for their particular health needs or coping with natural changes in life."

Sally M. // Small Business Owner