Frequently Asked Questions


How Does the Lab Testing Process Work?

After our consultation, we’ll identify the laboratory tests recommended for addressing your health concerns. You’ll then receive an email link to a “cart” where you can view detailed information about each test, including costs. Once you approve and complete the purchase through this portal, the arrangement for lab draws, if required, is directly between you and the lab portal. Syringa Wellness facilitates the initial step by sending the “cart” email but does not issue a lab requisition or participate in the scheduling or payment process for the lab draw.

The lab portal you interact with will manage all aspects of the lab draw, including scheduling and payment for the service, without further involvement from us. The fees for the lab draw and any mobile phlebotomy services are separate from the test costs and are managed directly by you with the service provider.

After the completion of your lab work, the laboratory will send the results directly to us. This ensures we can promptly incorporate your results into your personalized care plan, and you gain immediate access to your health information, maintaining our commitment to your wellness journey.

How Do I Obtain My Recommended Supplements?

To ensure you receive the exact supplements needed for your health plan, we have streamlined the ordering process using online platforms with preferred vendors.  We are able to offer you exclusive discounts to the supplements that you will need in your protocol. 

How Should I Communicate Documents or Questions to You?

We aim to respond to emails, texts, and phone calls within 24 hours. For in-depth inquiries or adjustments to your wellness plan, we recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure personalized and comprehensive care. 


Does Insurance Cover Your Services?

The services we provide are not typically covered by health insurance policies. However, many Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA) might reimburse you for the services, although it’s crucial for clients to check the specifics of their plan coverage.

How Are Lab Test Costs Determined?

The cost of laboratory tests is customized to meet the unique health concerns and conditions of each individual. Most lab test bundles range from $300 to $500.

How Can I Make Payments for Virtual Care and In-Person Services?

For clients opting for virtual care services, payments must be made using a credit card through our secure online portal at the time of scheduling your appointment. For those visiting us in the office for an in-person consultation, we accept payment on-site at the time of your service. For established clients who prefer in-office visits, we also offer the option to pay with either cash or check.


Are Our Sessions Confidential?

Maintaining the confidentiality of our sessions is a cornerstone of the trust between us. On occasion, and only with explicit permission, we may share case stories about clients on various online platforms, including our website and social media. However, we ensure that these stories do not include any names or identifiable information, carefully anonymizing the data to keep it generic. Furthermore, even when seeking input from colleagues, we strictly avoid disclosing any client names or identifying details, preserving your privacy at all times.

Is My Personal, Medical, and Financial Information Secure?

Absolutely.  Read more in my privacy policy.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

We ask for at least 72 hours’ notice for initial visits and 24 hours’ notice for follow-up appointments. Failing to provide this notice, or missing your appointment, will result in a cancellation fee equivalent to the visit’s full cost.

We acknowledge that unexpected situations can occur. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from meeting the notice requirement, please contact us as soon as you can. Our goal is to work together to find a fair and understanding resolution.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We are committed to not sharing your information with another practitioner or any sales representative without your explicit consent. It’s important to note, however, that the information you choose to share with third parties, including through our secure online portal and payment processor, falls outside our control. For comprehensive details on how your information is protected, as well as how it might be used or shared in specific contexts, please refer to our privacy policy.

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