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We champion the power of community and shared paths towards health and wellness. Our group programs unite individuals in a supportive space conducive to growth, learning, and transformation. Tailored to various needs—from navigating perimenopause to enhancing movement and balance—our programs cater to diverse wellness goals within a communal setting.

Semi-Private Group Programs

  • Radiant Resilience (8 weeks): A journey for women at the threshold or midst of perimenopause, providing comprehensive strategies to manage hormonal shifts, optimize health, and embrace life’s changes with grace and community support.
  • Serenity and Strength (6 weeks): Focuses on improving mobility, stability, and overall wellness, ideal for those seeking to enhance physical function in a nurturing group environment.

    Customizable Group Programs

      Recognizing the uniqueness of every group, we offer bespoke programs for small gatherings or corporate wellness initiatives. Whether it’s addressing specific health concerns or fostering a healthier team dynamic, we can tailor a program to meet your precise needs.

      Benefits of Group Programs

      • Shared Experience: Embarking on a health journey with others fosters camaraderie, mutual support, and a collective understanding.

      • Motivation and Accountability: Group dynamics encourage commitment and persistence towards achieving health objectives.

      • Diverse Insights: Interaction with peers broadens perspectives, offering novel strategies for overcoming health hurdles.

      • Cost Efficiency: Group formats provide a more accessible route to comprehensive wellness experiences.

      Who Can Benefit?

      • Individuals seeking to join a structured program with like-minded participants.

      • Friends and families desiring a collective health journey.

      • Businesses and organizations aiming to boost team well-being and morale through tailored wellness initiatives.

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      Embrace a journey where growth, wellness, and community intersect. Choose from our established programs or customize a group experience. We’re here to guide and support you through every step of your collective wellness journey.

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      Eager to start or curious to learn more? Reach out to discover how our group programs can align with your wellness aspirations, embarking on a shared journey to improved health.

      Please note: Group programs are not generally covered by health insurance plans.

      Group Programs

      Radiant Resilience

      Serenity and Strength

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