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About The Clinic

Syringa Wellness is a premier naturopathic clinic dedicated to providing evidence-based integrated naturopathic care, with a focus on women’s hormonal health. We are committed to ensuring every woman feels supported and understood in her health journey. Our vision is to foster a community where women are educated and uplifted. We believe every woman deserves to face hormonal challenges with support and solidarity, ensuring access to optimal care for a well-balanced life and a seamless transition into menopause and beyond. Every consultation at our clinic is designed to leave a woman feeling empowered and filled with hope, never overwhelmed or misunderstood.


In a society where women’s optimal health is pivotal for thriving communities and businesses, Syringa Wellness champions the well-being of women at all life stages. Our mission is to guide them in reclaiming and proactively nurturing their health, ensuring they can balance life’s demands with resilience and vitality.



Attentive Listening: Every woman’s voice is important. At our clinic, you will never be dismissed with “it’s just aging” when seeking to achieve your best self.

Thorough Exploration: Our approach includes comprehensive assessments to understand and address the root causes of health issues.

Revolutionizing Care: Redefining the healthcare experience, we offer a highly personalized, nurturing, and supportive environment.

Evidence-Based Approach: Staying abreast of the latest research, we employ scientifically supported protocols to guide our care.

Proactive Wellness: Embracing the evolving landscape of health consciousness, we share a passion for not only healing but maintaining lasting health.

Sustainable Health Plans: Forget temporary fixes. Our strategies are designed for lasting success, supported by guidance every step of the way.

Joy and Lightness: Health journeys should be enjoyable. We believe in incorporating laughter and joy, proving that professional success and wellness can coexist without undue seriousness.

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Select your Wellness Plan during our consult, and we'll arrange all necessary follow-ups to start your journey to well-being.

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