Virtual Care

What is Virtual Care?

Virtual Care introduces an advanced approach to naturopathic consultations, tailored for clients across the USA. We offer comprehensive telehealth services, ensuring you receive expert care without leaving your home.

Experience Seamless Virtual Consultations

When you book a virtual session, we’ll send a link to our secure video platform. Clicking this link at your appointment time connects you directly to our care team. Post-consultation, all advice, notes, and treatment plans are securely communicated via our electronic health records system. Additionally, you can order recommended supplements and products for home delivery through our online portal.

Scheduling Your Virtual Care Appointment

Begin with an initial complimentary consultation scheduled through our website. For all follow-up appointments, we provide a unique code for direct booking access.

    Eligibility and Scope of Virtual Care

    Our virtual services are accessible to anyone in the USA, covering a diverse range of health concerns, including:

    • Immune support and autoimmune management
    • Hormonal imbalances, menstrual health, and menopause support
    • Skin health, including acne
    • Weight management strategies
    • Digestive wellness
    • Management of PCOS and endometriosis
    • Thyroid health optimization

    Note: Some conditions requiring physical examinations or immediate acute care may not be suitable for virtual care.

    Preparing for Your Virtual Session

    After booking, you’ll receive intake forms via our electronic system. To ensure a comprehensive session, please submit any recent lab results or medical reports in advance. Instructions for accessing the virtual session will be provided on the day of your appointment, ensuring a hassle-free connection.

    Payment and Policies

    Payment for follow-up sessions is collected at the time of booking, with credit card payments accepted. Our aim is to offer a streamlined and effective virtual care experience, providing top-tier naturopathic services to clients throughout the USA.

    Please note: Virtual care sessions are not generally covered by health insurance plans.

    Begin Your Wellness Journey in Three Simple Steps

    Schedule Your Consultation

    Schedule your first appointment with ease using our online booking system.


    Enjoy a Complimentary 30-Minute Consult

    Your initial consult is a free 30-minute session to explore the best Wellness Plan tailored to your needs.

    Embark on Your Plan

    Select your Wellness Plan during our consult, and we'll arrange all necessary follow-ups to start your journey to well-being.

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