About Dr. Steinbachs

Certified Traditional Naturopath and Life Long Learner

Hello, I’m Jennifer!

For nearly two decades, I’ve been immersed in the world of nutrition and herbs, starting in Bloomington, Indiana and now practicing in Sandpoint, Idaho. My journey began with my family — my son Ivan and my husband Phillip — as my first clients, helping them overcome challenges like eczema and gallbladder attacks Ivan’s eczema and Phillip’s galbladder attacks.

My quest  for understanding didn’t stop there.  I explored various bodywork modalities to decipher my own structural problems, which led me to spend the first decade of my practice energizing moms and supporting mature women juggling the demands of caring for themselves, their elders, and grandchildren.

What I Believe…

I firmly believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, given the right support.  Through movement assessments, lifestyle evaluations, and lab analyses, we uncover the exercises, habits, and nutrients that will best enhance your lifestyle.  The effectiveness of any exercise, diet, or supplement hinges on its relevance to your body and brain’s current needs.  That’s why I advocate for a continuous cycle of assessment, implementation, and reassessment, ensuring our strategies are always aligned with your evolving health journey.

At the core of our bodily functions is the intricate communication between the brain and body.  Recognizing this, I practice with a focus on applied functional neuroscience, understanding that every interaction with our bodies influences our neurological health.

And Now…

Despite my extensive training and credentials, I sensed a gap in my practice until I discovered the critical role of the brain in movement, posture, pain, and performance.  Today, I empower you to use your body to live pain-free, enhance physical and cognitive performance, and develop a nutritional plan that supports your energy and health goals.  My aim is to optimize your metabolism, adrenal health, thyroid function, and immune system, helping you feel rejuvenated.

As a troubleshooter and problem-solver, I relish the challenge of addressing the unique concerns each client presents, often as a last resort after exploring various other modalities.  The satisfaction I find in guiding my clients to lasting health solutions is immeasurable.

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